3290 – SUPER TUESDAY RESULTS; The “Uncommitted” In Washington w/ Dave Weigel, Joe Mizrahi

It’s Hump Day! Sam and Emma speak with Dave Weigel, author of the “Americana” newsletter at Semafor, to break down the results from Super Tuesday. Then, they’re joined by Joe Mizrahi, secretary treasurer of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Local 3000, to discuss the union’s efforts to lead the “Uncommitted” vote in the Washington state primary, coming up next Tuesday March 12th. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Super Tuesday, McConnell’s endorsement of Donald Trump, the race for Senate Majority Leader, a government shutdown, Israel’s offensive in Rafah, SpaceX’s attack on the NLRB, and Menendez’s newest charge, before parsing through IfNotNow’s action at Adam Schiff’s victory speech last night. Dave Weigel then joins, diving right into what he saw as the major stories coming out of Super Tuesday, including Haley’s choice to drop out without endorsing Trump and the growing momentum around the “Uncommitted” protest vote, walking through the limited undermining of Donald Trump during the GOP Primary for the former, and assessing the productive engagement (and what impact it could have) for the latter. Next, Weigel dives into AIPAC’s major primary and general election races to look forward to, exploring the prospects of their attack on progressive Democrats and what (if anything) could be seen as a “loss” by the pro-Israel lobby, before wrapping up with a quick assessment of the results coming out of North Carolina and Texas, and whether far-right primary victories means more pickups for Democrats come November. Joe Mizrahi then quickly runs through the major role UFCW Local-3000 plays across the Pacific Northwest, and the central role solidarity and activism play in organizing the 55,000-strong union. Mizrahi walks through the union’s decision to first endorse a ceasefire, and now to endorse voting “uncommitted,” including the process that led to the unanimous decision on the latter, and why the union saw this protest vote as an opportunity to push Biden towards a more viable candidacy. After briefly running through the pushback to the union’s most recent endorsement, Mizrahi wraps up the interview by walking through Local-3000’s organizing around the issue, and what they hope to achieve.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma explore Tim Walz’s response to the incredible showing of the “uncommitted” vote in yesterday’s Minnesota Primary, assess the impact of Nikki Haley dropping out on the general, and parse through the exile of Brett Weinstein from the public square (he got blocked by Elon Musk). Amy Klobuchar stands up for anti-trust, Snyder in Salem and Michael in Miami respectively explore the future of the US Left and left media, and Fox’s The Five salutes the senatorship of Kyrsten Sinema. Mindy discusses her nerves around Trump, plus, your calls and IMs!

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Find out more about the UFCW Local 3000’s efforts here: https://ufcw3000.org/news/2024/2/29/ufcw-3000-executive-board-unanimously-endorses-movement-to-vote-uncommitted-in-upcoming-democratic-primary-in-washington-state

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