3363 – Bump Stocks, Abortion Drugs & Trump’s Would-Be DOJ w/ Elie Mystal

It’s News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma speak with Elie Mystal, justice correspondent and columnist at The Nation, to discuss the recent rulings by the Supreme Court and what is still to come. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Israel’s foreknowledge of Hamas’ 10/7 attack, US military aid to Israel, today’s primaries, a new path to citizenship, bump stock legislation, IRS policy, Adobe’s DOJ problem, FEMA, and Philly’s falling murder rates, before parsing a little deeper through the new reports on Israel’s 3-week heads-up on Hamas’ terror attack last October. Elie Mystal then joins, diving right into the diligent delays in SCOTUS’ refusal to take on Trump’s immunity case as a perfect example of the differing approaches to a justice’s reign between the conservatives and the liberals, with the former insistent on getting what they want, getting paid, and getting out of there, while the latter gets hung up in symbols and institutionalism. Mystal then looks to the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down the Trump-era ban on bump stocks, parsing through Justice Thomas’ decision to weigh the legality from the perspective of the gun, rather than the shooter, before briefly running through SCOTUS’ recent rejection of a challenge to Mifepristone, and what it can teach us about where this far-right Court is looking next. Wrapping up, Elie, Sam, and Emma unpack the future of the Supreme Court’s attacks on the Chevron Doctrine and the administrative state.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Mehdi Hasan perfectly illustrate the belligerent ignorance of Zionists, Joe Biden takes on the big threat to his presidency (TikTok zoomers), and the MR Crew assesses Biden’s major new immigration plan. Sean from Washington tackles the Supreme Court’s bump stock-ban-ban, Ritchie Torres crowns himself king of the Jews, Hussain from LA explores the incredible work of student protesters at UCLA, and Candace Owens unpacks why World War 2 was a failure for the US, plus, your calls and IMs!

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