3373 – Supreme Court Coronates A King And Smashes Government Function w/ Ian Millhiser

It’s News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. But first they speak with Ian Millhiser, senior correspondent at Vox, to discuss the end of the Supreme Court term, including the blockbuster decision regarding presidential immunity. Sam and Emma begin with updates on Biden and Trump’s differing reactions to the recent Supreme Court decision, Biden’s campaign for president, AOC’s articles of impeachment for the Supreme Court, Biden’s environmental, workplace, and student debt policies, Israel’s continuing violence, the disbarring of Rudy Giuliani, and Hurricane Beryl, before highlighting the interesting change of perspective that Justices Roberts, Alito, and Kavanaugh all seemed to have undergone on that whole “holding Presidents to account” thing. Ian Millhiser then joins, diving right into the complicated task of reconciling the Supreme Court issuing to landmark – and wildly contradictory – decisions the last week, including the overturning of the Chevron Deference Doctrine – which drastically shackles the federal government – and the granting of presidential immunity for “official” acts – which (obviously) fully unleashes the president’s power to rule. Expanding on this, Millhiser, Emma, and Sam unpack the common thread of the self-empowerment of the judiciary, with the former decision essentially putting administrative choices in the hands of the Court and the latter presenting a central distinction (whether the act is “official” or not) that can only be decided by the Court. After tackling how the “immunity” decision changes the perspective on both former (e.g. Watergate) and ongoing attempts to hold presidents to account, and what these decisions tell us about the Courts fascist tendencies and general incompetence, Ian gives his take on how the Chevron decision might come back to bite the conservative Court in the ass, and wraps up with a brief assessment of the Supreme Court’s decision in Moody v. NetChoice.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma unpack some major stories developing behind the scenes of the Democratic machine as Carl Bernstein and Nancy Pelosi make telling comments about Joe Biden’s future as the Democratic presidential candidate. They also parse through Biden’s lackluster response to the Supreme Court’s Immunity decision, new polling (including internal Democratic Party numbers) on Biden’s failing candidacy, how Kamala Harris might perform as his replacement, and what that VP conversation could entail. Jimmy Dore and Candace Owens ponder why we care about Jewish trauma, plus, your IMs!

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