A Nightmare Election Night Scenario That I Bet You Haven’t Thought Of 1
Alex Wong/Getty Images

As Election Day draws closer, prudent observers are warning about a nightmare scenario where Donald Trump prematurely declares victory on election night, and chaos and dissension ensue.

It may sound like reach, given Joe Biden’s strong polling lead. But bear with me: By attacking the concept of mail-in voting as a vehicle for voter fraud, Trump is implicitly discouraging his voters (who skew predominantly older) from voting early. This is an act that, at first blush, looks like unilateral disarmament. Biden voters will have months to mail in their ballots; Trump voters following his lead will have one day. 

If you’re rooting for Biden, this all sounds great, right? But here’s where things get messy: Biden’s mail-in votes will (ironically) be tabulated and reported late, while Trump’s Election Day votes will be tabulated and reported quickly. When it comes to perception, speed kills. 

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