Andrew Yang Lists His ‘Favorite Racial Stereotypes’ in Self-Owning Ziwe Interview 1

He once called himself the “Math Guy,” Politico labeled him the “most prominent Asian American political figure in the country,” and now he can add “comedian” to the list. He is Ziwe’s latest “iconic” guest: Andrew Yang.

In the third episode of Ziwe Fumudoh’s Showtime series, titled “Wealth Hoarders,” Yang appears from inside a campaign office in his so-far successful campaign for New York City mayor. There’s a reason the former presidential candidate and current New York City mayoral candidate is joining the new show in the spirit of previous “iconic” guests like Caroline Calloway and Alison Roman.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ziwe’s line of questioning, you need only watch the first minute of Yang’s interview with her: “Who are your top four billionaires?” she asks him. Yang immediately answers “Michael Bloomberg” before listing three or four other popular and famous people of color (including Oprah because “she seems tremendous”) who probably also have a ton of money. Just like the promotional clip posted by Ziwe on Twitter, in which Yang struggles to name a Jay-Z song after claiming to like hip-hop in the ’90s and ’00s, his answers are indicative of his propensity to pander inauthentically to non-white people. For the record, he did name a couple of Jay-Z songs eventually… “Encore” and “‘Ninjas’ in Paris.” Take from that what you will.