Antifa Loathes Biden. The Racists and Lunatics Love Trump. 1

As Savannah Guthrie grilled Donald Trump on QAnon at Trump’s town hall event, he did his usual lying and dodging and then whined to Guthrie about Antifa and asked her: “Why aren’t you asking Joe Biden questions about, why doesn’t he condemn Antifa?”

Let’s settle this. Joe Biden does not have to denounce Antifa. He’s done so, anyway, but even if he hadn’t, he has utterly no responsibility to do so, and since this appears to be an attack line Trump might amp up in these waning days, it’s important for people to understand why.

It’s important because it probably sounds to your average person like a fair equivalence. Okay. Trump has to denounce Proud Boys on the right. Fair enough. So Biden should also denounce Antifa on the left. Makes sense. Actually it doesn’t—and this is the kind of ideological sleight of hand the right pulls all time.