As Biden Mulls His Choice, Women's Groups Brace for Sexist, Racist Attacks on VP 1

Consider it a lesson learned the hard way, NBC News reports.

As Joe Biden nears a decision on his vice presidential running mate, women’s groups are mobilizing to proactively combat the kind of “isms” that negatively impact women running for political office.

These groups are taking actions that range from putting news outlets on notice that they will “have her back,” to popping up rapid response teams tasked with tracking and calling out sexism and racism in real time. It’s a coalition dedicated to rooting out a problem that has long plagued women in politics.

“We’ve all been to this movie before,” Tina Tchen, President and CEO of the advocacy group Times Up, told NBC News. Tchen says the conversations among women in charge of these groups had been “building for a few weeks,” borne of a desire to stomp out the negative biases before they start. “We knew what was going to happen and then, lo and behold, it’s unfolding before us.”

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