Best of 2021: Biden's False Pledge for “Decency” in Immigration Policy w/ Congresswoman Ilhan Omar & Ben Gleib

Sam and Emma host Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota’s 5th District, whose recent book, This Is What America Looks Like: My Journey from Refugee to Congresswoman, is out in paperback now! Representative Omar, Sam, and Emma take on a variety of issues central to the progressive cause as the Biden administration has begun to falter. They begin with key issues on immigration and refugees, as Ilhan Omar touches on the shameful continuation of Trump policies under Biden, particularly exploring the treatments of Afghan and Haitian refugees and the Biden administration’s reliance on Title 42, taking on also why he has failed to stick to this campaign promise. Next, they move to the topic of student debt relief, as Congresswoman Omar dives into the mysterious missing memo that stands as the only thing preventing Biden from putting pen to paper with an executive order, and what could be behind the delay, before they jump to the topic of the reconciliation platform and how debt relief may or may not fit in. She, Emma, and Sam also dive into the discussion around reconciliation spending, why a shorter span on funding is easily okay by progressives if Sinema and Manchin will just clarify what they would like, and explore the developing role of the progressive caucus.

Then Sam and Emma are joined by comedian Ben Gleib to discuss his recent dust up with Charlie Kirk! They run through the highlights of his very calm discussion with Charlie Kirk, including Kirk’s anger and confusion regarding human anatomy, American citizenship, and what his role is within the right.

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