Best Of 2021: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire and An Interview with Donald Trump w/ Andreas Malm, Judy Gold & James Austin Johnson

In the first Best Of of 2021: Andreas Malm joins Sam to discuss his new book, How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire. Andreas begins by explaining that while the pandemic has temporarily tamped down the climate movement, it has simultaneously led to a 7% drop in world-wide emissions and demonstrated how government can effectively intervene in the private sector during a crisis. Then, Sam asks Andreas to explain the two strategies of the climate movement, one being putting pressure on the government to pass policy and the other being reducing profits of fossil fuel companies through physically shutting down their operations. Andreas discusses the limitations of peaceful climate activism and argues for the need for a more radical flank in the movement. And finally, as it turns out, renewable energy is actually much cheaper to produce, but companies refuse to switch over because they can get away with a much higher markup on fossil fuels than they would be able to on renewables.   Then, Judy Gold joins the program to celebrate Trump’s defeat with special guest Donald Trump! Comedian James Austin Johnson sticks around to discuss growing up an evangelical Christian, conservative comedy, and how his Republican family members like his Trump impression.

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