Biden-Palin 2020?

Biden-Palin 2020? 1

With Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by this much, would his vice presidential pick even make a difference? Political strategist James Carville joked that Biden could win even if he chose Sarah I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house Palin as his running mate.

On Tuesday’s episode of The New Abnormal by The Daily Beast, Carville tells hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson the simple strategy Biden needs to win.

“Attack, attack, attack. Attack from the right, attack from the left, attack from the center, attack everywhere,” he explains.

We also hear from The Beast’s Erin Banco on the “parallel conversations” surrounding COVID-19 within the Trump administration. As Banco explains it, those discussions “tend to be pretty serious and Dr. Birx is not shy about issuing warnings to the nation’s governors.” Meanwhile, “you have President Trump seemingly either unaware of the conversations that are happening within the taskforce or deliberately twisting the truth.”

Be sure to tune in to hear Rick beg to go to Gitmo and Molly ponder how the hell you can close Starbucks and open schools.

And our wonder twins ask the question we’ve all been dying to know the answer to: Are Trump Steaks actually made of…Trump himself?!

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