Biden Says Trump is ‘Terrified’ He’ll Lose Pennsylvania 1

In his penultimate trip before Election Day, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of being utterly fearful that he will lose one of the most important areas in the Midwest that he barely won four years ago.

“President Trump is terrified of what will happen in Pennsylvania,” Biden said in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, adding that when voters get their “say” in the general election, “he doesn’t stand a chance.”

“The American people will not be silenced,” he added. “Over 90 million people have already voted. They’ve had enough.”

The event was billed as a “Souls to the Polls” engagement effort, and Biden campaign officials have had experience with courting faith communities. The Daily Beast reported in September that they were planning new ways to reach religious voters during the pandemic, arguing that virtual events allowed for broader national engagement while social distancing.

Appearing in person, the former vice president’s speech was symbolic of the modern coronavirus campaign era: Individuals sat in their cars and honked to show enthusiasm for his closing message, this time tweaked for an ostensibly pious crowd.

“Thank you for your commitment to the greatest commandment ‘love our neighbors as ourselves,’” said Biden, wearing a black windbreaker.

Pennsylvania is a significant swing state for both party’s nominees. Biden has two stops in the city lined up on Sunday, with more to come throughout the state on Monday, including in Pittsburgh. Several of his best surrogates will be scattered in other areas around the state.

Aggregates from a variety of polling sources show Biden with a several-point lead over Trump ahead of Tuesday’s election. A New York Times/Siena survey taken between Oct. 27 to Oct. 31 indicates that the former vice president is leading the current president by 6 points among likely voters, earning 49 percent and 43 percent, respectively with a 3 percent margin of error.

As is customary at his events, Biden slammed Trump’s time in the White House and called out some of Trump’s decisions that he finds to be particularly egregious and personally offensive.

“It’s almost criminal the way he has handled it,” he said about the president’s response to COVID-19.