Biden’s Big Tent Trumps GOP’s Sweaty Clown Car 1

Tuesday’s second night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention hammered home the notion that the party of Joe Biden is a big tent. Big enough to hold the Bernie revolutionaries, national security nerds, avowed centrists, the McCain family, Medicare for All advocates, teachers, people who miss the Kennedys, nurses, beautiful Soul Cycling grandmas, and Bill Clinton’s remaining fan

All of these people would rather hang out in the big tent of the Democrats than squeeze into the sweaty clown car of Trump’s GOP. 

Like Night One, Night Two was an experiment in trying to make Zoom calls between strangers interesting. But Tuesday’s proceedings felt a little more confident and a little less Tim & Eric. The business was to formally nominate Joe Biden for vice president. During a “normal” convention, this process is a mind-numbing procession of strangers speaking too softly or too loudly into a stadium microphone as reporters on deadline barge around looking for people in funny hats to interview. Not this time.