Biden’s the One. Here’s What He’ll Need to Beat Trump. 1

All right. Whatever else happens, whatever closes or opens, whoever votes or doesn’t, whether there’s a convention or not, whether there’s a World Series or not, however many of us Americans are still alive come November, Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee.

After he handily swept Arizona, Florida and Illinois on Tuesday, there is no longer any serious question. So it’s worked out just like it was “supposed to.” He was the frontrunner a year ago. Or almost a year. For the record, since I can’t possibly imagine you remember and it’s my job to look up this sort of thing, it was last April 25 when Biden released that video; remember it, how it announced his candidacy and was centered around what happened at Charlottesville? Here, watch it again!:

It’s really good! Remember what a strong debut people thought that was? It seemed to connect this creaky septuagenarian to the current moment, and it made it him versus Trump, leaving the other Democrats along the side of the road.