Biden’s Trying to Blame a Mexican American for the Border Crisis on HIs Watch 1

In the United States, Mexicans always get the shit jobs. We’re hired to clean up messes made by white people. Then, when things go wrong, we get thrown under the bus. And—as evidenced by the sad but illuminating tale of an embattled Mexican American Cabinet secretary who does not appear to be long for his job—this unfair reality extends to politics.

It was probably a bad omen that, in December, President-elect Joe Biden not only flubbed the name of his nominee, but he also misidentified the name of the Cabinet department the individual was nominated to lead:

“For Secretary of Health and Education Services, I nominate Xavier Bacheria,” Biden said clumsily while reading from a teleprompter. Seconds later, Biden correctly pronounced the name of Xavier Becerra as his choice to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Too late. The impression was that Biden didn’t even know this guy, that he was simply “checking a box” to put another Latino in his cabinet.