Bill Barr’s Bullshit Weaponizes Justice’s Civil Rights Division to Fight Against Trump’s Own COVID-19 Guidance 1
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

The document William Barr’s Justice Department filed in an Illinois federal court on Friday was its latest incoherent broadside compromising the credibility of the government, this time by attacking policies advocated by the president’s own Coronavirus Task Force and disingenuously evading a test of Barr’s own contention that stay-at-home orders are becoming unconstitutional—all to help a fanatical GOP state legislator get a bogus lawsuit in front of a friendly state judge. 

The lawsuit at issue was brought by Darren Bailey, a notoriously buffoonish Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives who was in the news recently on account of his refusal to wear a mask in the legislative chamber in compliance with a resolution passed with overwhelming and bipartisan support, resulting in his ignominious and unceremonious expulsion from the floor. 

When not busy seeking to recklessly endanger his fellow legislators, Bailey has been suing for the right to do the same to his constituents. In April, Bailey filed suit in a Southern Illinois state court, asserting that the stay-at-home order Governor Jay Pritzker imposed in accordance with the president’s then operative “Coronavirus Guidelines for America” (which began “Listen to and follow the guidelines of your STATE AND LOCAL Authorities”) violated his “liberty” rights. 

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