Bill Maher Mocks MAGA Truthers With ‘Meth Teeth’ and Mike Pence Earrings 1

Bill Maher on Friday lampooned Republicans claiming the participants in the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection were not supporters of then-President Donald Trump, but actually liberals in disguise.

“So I just want to say to conservatives: you got us,” Maher said sarcastically on his HBO show Real Time.

“That’s what we do… There’s a costume department at George Soros’s house, Tim Robbins and I do the sewing, and there’s even a catalogue now [called] False Flag Supply.”

Maher then listed off a handful of items to purchase, the first being a worn and wrinkled ‘MAGA’ hat— “because you want it to look like you’ve had it for a while,” he said.

“If you really want to seal the deal, get these meth teeth,” he said, putting in a fake set of rotten, discolored teeth.

The next item, Maher explained, has a place in the catalogue because of the “hold my beer dares” some Trump supporters undertake. The late-night host then revealed a rubber hand extending out from a shirt sleeve with a missing index and middle finger—the result of a fireworks show gone awry.

Two more items were a misspelled hand sign—“Proud Boys Untie!”—and a pocket Constitution.

“Make sure it’s still in the packaging,” Maher advised, “because they’ve never read it.”

Last but not least were a pair of Mike Pence earrings, which depict the former vice president being hanged from each earlobe.

Some of the Capitol rioters, of course, had chanted, “Hang Mike Pence!”

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll from last month found that 73 percent of Republicans think the riot was caused by left-wing activists, a false claim that the FBI has debunked.

The same Yahoo News/YouGov poll found that 72 percent of Republicans say there was enough fraud in the presidential election to “influence the outcome.” Zero evidence exists to support this claim, no matter how loudly they may voice their disagreement.