Can’t Vote Trump. Or Biden. Justin Amash, Here I Come! 1

If you’re mad at me, then welcome to the club. Ever since I said this week that I would vote for Rep. Justin Amash (if he ends up on my state’s ballot this November), I’ve been happy that social distancing is still in place.  

Compared to the Never Trump criticism Amash endured, I’m hardly a martyr. But within hours of tweeting my support, I was down hundreds of followers, having been kicked to the curb by folks who presumably (based on my penchant for criticizing Donald Trump) assumed I was part of La Résistance

Others merely voiced anger or disappointment. One such critic was Tom Nichols, a prominent Never Trumper, who responded to my Amash support by tweeting, “Well, at least it will give us something more to argue about during that second Trump term.”