Charles Sumner Is the Heroic Yankee Senator Who Deserves a Statue 1

While the rebels were defeated more than 155 years ago, it’s clear from Donald Trump and his GOP cult that the Confederacy has survived. Watching Trump’s hate-filled presidency—preventable mass death, raging indecency, and incitement of violence—has been a reality check. 

Trump’s deadly pandemic neglect and his project of disunion in America are treason metastasized yet again in an America that exists halfway between Jefferson Davis and George Wallace. In a devastating rebuke on Twitter, Trump was recently asked to pick a flag: Old Glory or the Stars and Bars—the “very fine people” whose bigoted hate crimes Trump has egged on.

This is the right question, and, unfortunately, America has still not extinguished the influence of the Confederacy now inbred in a hateful minority of bigots. Abraham Lincoln’s legacy looms monumentally large as a moral vision for national unity.