Colbert Trolls Trump’s Pathetic ‘Truth Social’ Media Platform

Colbert Trolls Trump’s Pathetic ‘Truth Social’ Media Platform 1

Stephen Colbert can’t believe Donald Trump is actually calling his new social media platform “Truth Social.”

“The man who told over 30,000 lies in office has launched something called ‘Truth,’” the Late Show host said in his monologue Thursday night. “He’s also launched a new makeup line called ‘Human Skin.’”

As Colbert explained, when the site briefly went live on Wednesday, someone started a fake account in the former president’s name and promptly posted a photo of a “pig defecating on its own scrotum.”

“Are they sure that was a fake account?” the host asked. “Because it feels on-brand.”

From there, Colbert joked that Trump is also setting up his “second streaming service,” which—and this part is real—will be called TMTG+, “beating out his original title, ‘Person, Man, Woman, Camera, TV.’ According to a press release, the new service plans to feature “non-woke entertainment programming.”

“That’s right, non-woke!” Colbert said. “If you can stay awake, your money back.” He then shared some of the shows that might appear on TMTG+, including Who Wants to Spank a Millionaire? hosted by Stormy Daniels, The Unasked Singer featuring Marjorie Taylor Greene and Only Fascists in the Building.

And finally, Colbert turned to a recent interview Trump gave in which he predicted a successful political future for his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., saying, “There are certain places where he couldn’t be beaten.”

“Yes, for instance the annual Nathan’s Cocaine Snorting Contest,” Colbert joked.

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