Comedian Dave Chappelle Endorses Andrew Yang: ‘I’m Yang Gang!’ 1

Comedian Dave Chappelle on Tuesday endorsed Andrew Yang’s bid for president, announcing that he will perform two shows in support of the former tech executive.

“I’m Yang Gang!” the Emmy and Grammy Award-winning comedian said, according to a campaign press release.

The two shows will be performed on Jan. 29 and 30 in South Carolina, the first southern state to hold a presidential primary.

“Thank you [Dave Chappelle] and welcome to the #yanggang,” the candidate tweeted in reaction to the news. “You are the best. Let’s do this for our kids.”

Chappelle’s endorsement follows a bevy of star-studded support for the Yang campaign. Most notably, musician and actor Donald Glover—otherwise known as Childish Gambino—hosted a pop-up store for the Yang campaign in Los Angeles last month.

The store sold exclusive Yang merchandise designed by Glover’s team, including $1,000 sweatshirts signed by both Yang and Glover—the amount of Yang’s proposed universal basic income, dubbed the “Freedom Dividend.” Glover later joined the campaign as a creative consultant.

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk stated that he’s supporting Yang in August last year. The candidate himself has tweeted that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Weezer member Rivers Cuomo, and actors Nicolas Cage and Noah Centineo have all donated to his 2020 run.

“More people join the #YangGang all the time,” he wrote at the time.