Cuomo Was Always New York’s Bad Guy. Here’s Why He Was Finally Exposed. 1

I do sometimes wonder why it took so long.

Why is it now, in 2021, that so many people are finally waking up to the reality of Andrew Cuomo? A year ago, he was elevated to the status of hero and myth, so absurdly lauded—the magazine covers, the self-declared Cuomosexuals, the Emmy, the sycophantic interviews conducted by his CNN host brother—that it could seem that there was little justice left in a world already so deranged.

Cuomo, once America’s governor like Rudy Giuliani was once America’s mayor, seems to add new lines to his political obituary every day. There is the body count from coronavirus in New York, which maintains the country’s second-highest death toll. There are the nursing home bodies he refused to count, the first federal probe into how that information was hidden, the second federal probe into the nursing home tally, and the unhinged threats against a state lawmaker just trying to do his job.