‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jordan Klepper Crashes Trump Boat Rally 1

The pandemic has made it nearly impossible for Jordan Klepper to do the type of Daily Show field pieces like the one he filed from a Trump rally in Iowa back in February. But the “beautiful boaters” who have hit the high seas to show support for the president have changed all of that. 

“It was nice to get out on the road again, of course now the road is a body of water but that’s 2020 for you,” Klepper wrote me in a direct message on Wednesday after before his latest piece aired. 

Klepper chartered a boat in New Jersey and joined the fray. He appeared to the only one wearing a mask. “It is a line of Trump boats as far as the eye can see. It really just keeps going,” he said. “It’s like an election polling place in a minority district.” One Trump supporter shouted, “Hey, Fake News, fuck you!” as he whizzed by on his jet ski. Another yelled, “Mask off!” to which Klepper replied, “I’m worried about COVID!” 

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