‘Daily Show’ Wants to Know if Don Jr. Knows Who His Father Is 1

On Thursday night, The Daily Show correspondent and resident host of “Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA Edition,” Roy Wood Jr., tried to get to the bottom of a very important question that’s on everyone’s minds.

After a clip of the former president’s first born calling New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “the biggest predator in politics today,” Wood looked into the camera and warned viewers, “In recent weeks, Donald Trump Jr., the oldest, least Eric-y son of Donald Trump, has been complaining that a politician has not been punished for his alleged sex crimes.”

“It raises an uncomfortable question,” he continued. “Does Don Jr. know who his father is?”

“You might imagine that Donald Trump Jr. definitely knows who his dad is,” Wood added. “The man says the words ‘my father’ more than the pope. And yet, in recent years, a mysterious thing happened. Don Jr. started talking like a man who had no damn idea that Donald Trump was his daddy.”

From there, Wood presented such examples as Don Jr. telling Sean Hannity he “wishes” his name was Hunter Biden so he could make millions off his father’s presidency and complaining that President Biden’s son only got jobs thanks to nepotism.

“Does Don Jr. think that he got that job at the Trump Organization because he wrote a good cover letter?” Wood asked. “Does Donald Trump Jr. not know what the word ‘junior’ means? Just like he thought Saturday Night Live was abbreviated ‘S&L.’ What explains this mystifying lack of self awareness?”

Wood went on to report that investigators have “combed through days of footage of Don Jr. and Donald together but have not found a single hug or even an affectionate look between the two.”

After playing yet another clip of Don Jr. calling Biden “the most corrupted person to ever run for office of the presidency,” Wood called on viewers to come forward if they “have any information as to why Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t seem to realize that his father is Donald Trump” before “he starts complaining that Joe Biden is a racist tax cheat who couldn’t even run a casino.”

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