Democrats Hijack Republicans’ Sham Coney Barrett Hearing 1

Republicans served America a steaming pile of shit today. So Democrats decided to make a shit sandwich.

The pile, of course, is the illegitimate, dangerous, and so-hypocritical-it-is-literally-what-they-swore-not-to-do “confirmation hearing” of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. For a dozen reasons, this should not be happening. But the sandwich, Democrats decided, would be to use the entire hearing as a free campaign advertisement, highlighting two of their best-polling issues: COVID and the Affordable Care Act.

Taking a page from the GOP’s own playbook, Democrats disregarded the immediate subject of the hearing to pull on America’s heartstrings, showing big, poster-size photos of adorable kids whose moms and dads would lose their health care if Judge Barrett becomes Justice Barrett.