Donald Trump Is America’s Abusive Dad

Donald Trump Is America’s Abusive Dad 1
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo Getty

Legendary filmmaker Judd Apatow really liked Donald Trump—when he was on TV. 

“I watched [The Apprentice] all the time because I found it so hilarious that all of his opinions were so wrong and everyone he would fire was always for the wrong reason. It was so terrible and crazy that it was fun to watch,” Apatow says on the latest episode of The New Abnormal.

These days, Apatow isn’t laughing. “When you’re in show business, you meet people like Trump, you meet people who literally don’t exist in the same dimension as you; they’re just gone. And that’s what he’s like. He’s like Cosby in a way, these people who are completely deluded and they’ve been famous and all of their wishes are attended to—they lose complete touch with reality,” Apatow adds, calling Trump the “abusive parent to the country.”

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