Donald Trump Might Lose, but His Judges Will Keep Wrecking America for Years to Come 1

Even if Donald Trump gets voted out of office in November (and actually leaves), Trump-appointed judges with lifetime seats on the federal bench have already dramatically changed the face of our courts in Donald Trump’s image on a whole range of issues.

The effects of the relentless push by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to pack the courts with Trump’s picks is being directly felt in rulings to restrict voting rights and curtail immigration. Even if Joe Biden wins the presidency, his policies and legislative remedies will face legal challenges that before Trump took over the courts would have been tossed out.

Trump boasted during last week’s debate that he appointed approximately 300 federal judges plus a third Supreme Court nominee ready to go, a stellar record that he says President Obama, and Biden, made possible by leaving behind 128 vacancies. “When you leave office, you don’t leave any judges,” Trump said, implying Obama and Biden were slackers.