Donald Trump’s Woman Problem Just Got a Whole Lot Worse 1

No one was shocked by Joe Biden’s pick of California Senator Kamala Harris. For months people had guessed and assumed she would be Biden’s veep. The other names on the list didn’t seem to make much sense. Many of the women on it lacked the kind of visibility and excitement that Kamala innately possessed, not to mention Kamala’s digital army and heaps of charisma. But Kamala had been impressive, commanding, and serious in the debates. Some sexist pundits worried that she had been too commanding and impressive. 

So that was all expected. What happened next, though, was something that few of us saw coming. Even I, who am completely dead inside, was all of a sudden incredibly moved by the idea of Kamala Harris as vice president. And I was not alone. The sentiment and the excitement, the pride that women around the country felt, almost no one, perhaps not even Harris, could have predicted.

And while Instagram was a sea of Kamala photos and non-Fox cable news was an ocean of gushing pundits, some of whom had at one point been skeptical of the senator from California, it became really clear who were the biggest losers of the Kamala Harris veep pick: Donald J. Trump, and especially the boring mediocre white guy he calls his Veep, Mike Pence.