Eight: ‘We Go All’ 1

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Note: This episode contains strong language.

In the finale of the series, we hear from a woman who stumbled upon the “Q” community and found herself drawn in. We trace echoes of her story across the internet, and look at what our exploding culture of influencers, TikTok stars and information disseminators holds for the future.

“Rabbit Hole,” a narrative audio series with the tech columnist Kevin Roose, explores what happens when our lives move online. Follow Kevin on Twitter: @kevinroose. Email us at [email protected].

On today’s episode:

  • “Sam,” a woman who formerly identified as a member of the QAnon community.

  • Kevin Roose, who covers the intersection of technology, business and culture for The New York Times.

  • Andy Mills, a producer and reporter for The Times.

Background reading:

  • What is QAnon? Here’s a look into the origin of the conspiracy theories.

  • “The question of what kinds of online speech a world leader should be allowed to post on social media is mind-bendingly complex,” Kevin Roose writes in his column The Shift. Read more about evolving policies for distributing and moderating information on social media.

Reported by Kevin Roose, Andy Mills, Julia Longoria and Sindhu Gnanasambandan
Produced by Andy Mills, Julia Longoria and Sindhu Gnanasambandan
Managing Producer: Larissa Anderson
Edited by Larissa Anderson and Wendy Dorr
Technical Director: Brad Fisher
Mixed by Brad Fisher and Dan Powell
Music by Peter Lalish, Dan Powell and Nate Henricks
Sound Design by Andy Mills, Dan Powell and Julia Longoria
Executive Producer, NYT Audio: Lisa Tobin
Assistant Managing Editor, NYT: Sam Dolnick
Special thanks to Charlie Warzel, Mike Benoist, Julia Simon, Mahima Chablani, Nora Keller, Ali Watkins, Neena Pathak, Jazmín Aguilera, Topher Routh and Trey Shilts