Former State Department Aide Arrested for Role in Capitol Riot 1

A former State Department aide and member of the 2016 Trump campaign has been arrested in connection to the U.S. Capitol Riot, a spokesperson from the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed to NBC News on Thursday night.

Federico Klein was arrested in Virginia, the spokesperson said. It’s not clear what charges he is facing.

Klein had been hired at the State Department in Jan. 2017 after working on former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, government files show. As of at least 2020, Klein was working as a special assistant in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs as a political appointee.

Almost two months after the riot, thousands of National Guard troops are still patrolling the fenced-in Capitol, and multiple committees across Congress are investigating the deadly siege. The probes are largely focused on security missteps and the origins of the extremism that led hundreds of Trump supporters to break through the doors and windows of the Capitol, hunt for lawmakers and temporarily stop the counting of electoral votes.