Fox News Goes Pro-Weed After Biden Staff Crackdown 1

Fox News seems to be embracing the legalization of marijuana. All it took was President Joe Biden sidelining staff for past pot use.

“Dozens of young White House staffers have reportedly been fired suddenly or demoted suddenly over past weed smokin’,” Fox host Harris Faulkner reported near the end of her show Friday morning, citing The Daily Beast’s report on the stunning about-face from the Biden administration, which originally indicated a more lenient pot policy.

Fox Nation host Kat Timpf, a pro-legalization libertarian, joined Faulkner in expressing outrage over the report, saying, “This is wrong in itself on a few levels.”

“First of all, I think I think you would be really hard pressed to find even a single example of how past marijuana use would affect your ability to do these jobs,” she continued. “One of the worst things about it is that in addition to being wrong, this isn’t quite so surprising, right? If you look at the kind of hypocritical things we’ve seen from this administration when it comes to drug policy.”

Referring to Biden’s assertion that “no one should be in jail for using a drug,” Timpf said, “I agree with that, but I don’t agree with him being a hypocrite. Because if you believe that, there are things he could do to change that.”

“Look, I’m not, and I know you’re not advocating any sort of illicit drug use,” Faulkner clarified, “but when you look at the map of the United States and how many states are saying that this is legal, including the District of Columbia! So I don’t know if you can actually do what the White House is doing, right? Because it’s legal there.”

Beyond that, Faulkner said that “by Biden’s White House standard, they would have sidelined Barack Obama!”

“Exactly!” Timpf replied. “Or Kamala Harris!”