Fox News Hosts Shout Down Liberal Panelist for Saying NYC Is No ‘Hellhole’

Fox News Hosts Shout Down Liberal Panelist for Saying NYC Is No ‘Hellhole’ 1

Fox News hosts Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery and Julie Banderas on Wednesday took turns berating a liberal panelist for having the temerity to dispute their claim that New York City is a “hellhole.”

Kennedy and Banderas, in an effort to bolster their case that the city is a terrifying, crime-ridden wasteland, boasted that they “talk to cops” and read the New York Post as evidence for their claims. Besides whipping their viewers into a frenzy over vaccine mandates and critical race theory, Fox News has spent much of its time fear-mongering about supposed crime waves in Democratic-run big cities. (The reality is a bit more complicated, as murders are on the rise but robberies, property crimes, and rapes have all significantly declined this year.)

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ midday roundtable show Outnumbered, the panel was wrapping up yet another segment squarely blaming crime on Democrats and police reform efforts when the hosts took direct aim at New York.

“It’s impossible to ignore the fact that crime rates are up,” Banderas declared. “And where are they up? They’re up in Democratic-run cities. It’s also impossible to note that the police have been under attack for years. And the Biden administration hasn’t certainly stuck their neck out for them.”

After Banderas said that “Democratic cities and states are not” backing their police departments, Kennedy added: “And New York is a hellhole.”

Banderas wholeheartedly agreed, saying NYC is a hellhole “thanks to Mayor de Blasio.” That remark prompted former Biden surrogate Jenna Arnold, serving as a guest panelist, to object to such a broad, fear-based characterization of the city.

“No, it’s not. You don’t get to call New York that,” she exclaimed.

“I live here, sister!” Kennedy sneered in response. “I walk the streets—not like that! I read the New York Post. I talk to cops, I know what’s going on here!”

Arnold, who noted that she also lives in New York, responded that the Post “is not an accurate journalist outlet,” prompting Banderas to fire back with her own journalistic bonafides.

“No, I will tell you, as a journalist, I talk to all the cops and I know a lot of people in the NYPD,” the Fox News host claimed. “A lead detective in New York city texted me during the show. So let me just tell you, the police here can not do their jobs because they’re not backed up by the Democratic leaders.”

“New York is certainly struggling but please don’t call it a hellhole,” Arnold pleaded. “That’s not accurate.”

While Banderas suddenly insisted the city is “not a hellhole” and that “I love New York City,” Kennedy stood by her guns.

“Go talk to your local precincts!” Kennedy shouted.

“I feel perfectly safe walking around the city,” Banderas ultimately admitted. “Do I trust the Democratic leaders are actually giving the police the power to protect us? No, we’re sort of on our own. Thank you, Mayor de Blasio!”