Fox News’ Tomi Lahren Compares Social Distancing to ‘Willful Slavery’ 1

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren on Monday claimed on Twitter that American compliance with social-distancing guidelines is “starting to look a whole lot like willful slavery.” She eventually deleted the post.

Amid ongoing anti-lockdown protests featuring right-wing groups pushing for an end to stay-at-home orders, Lahren has been one of the more outspoken Fox voices in advocating for such demonstrations. In recent social media posts, she has repeatedly used the hashtag #ReopenAmerica and compared public-health restrictions to communism.

In her Monday online musings, Lahren wrote: “Compliance starting to look a whole lot like willful slavery #ReopenAmerica.”

After eventually deleting that tweet—without any explanation for doing so—she posted another thought complaining that the political left is “now shaming and demonizing Americans who simply want to reopen their businesses and get back to work.”

Comparing physical-distancing measures during a pandemic that has currently killed over 55,000 Americans to slavery is only the latest over-the-top remark from the Fox Nation host.

Last year, for example, Lahren came under fire for her sexist insinuation that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) slept her “way to the top.” Several of her female Fox colleagues admonished the Fox Nation host for that “damaging” remark.

In recent weeks, as Fox News hosts and commentators have been cheerleading and promoting the anti-lockdown protests, network brass has attempted to rein in some of their stars. Last week, Fox News president Jay Wallace sent a memo to staff urging them to remind protesters that they should practice social distancing while attending the demonstrations.