Hannity Credulously Buys Sidney Powell’s Excuses for Lack of Evidence and Witnesses 1

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday night appeared to credulously accept one-time Trump lawyer Sidney Powell’s excuses for why she was unable to publicly reveal the so-called evidence she claims would show widespread election fraud.

Earlier this month, Powell came under fire from Fox News star Tucker Carlson for failing to provide any proof to back her outlandish claims of a nefarious international plot to flip millions of votes from Trump to President-elect Joe Biden. Days after Carlson called her out, and after she accused Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp of being in on the supposed scheme, the Trump legal team dropped Powell.

Still, she has continued to push forward with her wild and baseless conspiracy theory that Dominion Voting Systems worked in conjunction with dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, liberal philanthropist George Soros, communist Chinese money, and the CIA to steal the election from Trump by using corrupt software to shift votes. Even though Powell no longer represents Trump in an official capacity, she has recently filed long shot lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan and says she’ll be filing others soon.

While legal experts note that her suits largely recycle affidavits and testimony from previous cases that have already been withdrawn and denied, Powell has reassured her defenders in right-wing media—including at Fox—that she will still “release the Kraken.” Hannity, for his part, seemed optimistic on Monday.

“And I asked you today, you said to me that there were people watching an internet connection in real time but they can’t speak publicly and haven’t signed affidavits to that. Why?” Hannity wondered aloud.

“There’s a number of reasons,” Powell insisted. “Some are within the government. Some are possibly in different roles that require confidentiality. And they are not in a position where they can come forward without certain protections in place. And that’s something that the government really needs to give them if they want to get to the truth of all the matters, with which we are gathering more evidence every day.”

The pro-Trump Fox star, meanwhile, reaffirmed with Powell that these witnesses can’t come forward or sign affidavits without protections, and then asked the former federal prosecutor if anyone has forensically examined any of the voting machines in question.

Powell asserted that they’ve “only been allowed access to a few of them,” adding that they will be “collecting a lot more evidence” in the near future and that they already have “evidence of corruption all across the country and countless districts.”

She also once again alleged that the voting machines used an algorithm to award votes to Biden and trash Trump votes, all without providing any proof to back up her explosive claims.

Hannity eventually interjected, not to express skepticism about her evidence-free allegations but to wonder why Democrats weren’t willing to offer a helping hand.

“I thought Democrats told us that we like whistle-blowers. You’re saying these people can’t talk because they’re going to lose their job. I would think they’d get protection,” he said.

“They’re going to lose their job, their lives have been threatened,” Powell replied. “One witness we know of got beaten up and is in the hospital. There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth. And, no, Democrats don’t like whistle-blowers. They only like liars who claim they’re whistle-blowers!”

Hannity snarked that Democrats only like “hearsay whistle-blowers,” before offering to interview Powell’s witnesses when “these people can speak,” adding that “we should be able to hear them.”