Hannity Insists Liz Cheney Wasn’t ‘Canceled’: She Was ‘Fired’ for Being ‘Selfish’ 1

Fox News host Sean Hannity threw some more dirt on Liz Cheney’s grave on Wednesday night following her ouster from House Republican leadership, insisting that she wasn’t “canceled” but instead “fired” from her post because she was “selfish.”

After drawing the renewed ire of twice-impeached former President Donald Trump and pro-Trump Republicans in recent weeks, the conservative Wyoming lawmaker was unceremoniously kicked to the curb on Wednesday morning. Her crime? Refusing to go along with the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “stolen” from Trump due to widespread voter fraud.

“Liz didn’t agree with President Trump’s narrative and she was canceled,” Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) said of his GOP colleagues’ decision to strip Cheney of her leadership position.

Hannity, a close confidant of Trump’s who helped boost his election lies leading up to the Capitol insurrection, saw things a lot differently than Buck.

“Congresswoman Liz Cheney was booted from her GOP leadership position after months of nonstop negative remarks about Trump and those who support him,” he seethed at the top of his primetime show. “Now the media mob and Democrats are treating the congresswoman like she is some modern-day martyr. She is not.”

Grousing that Cheney gave her first post-ouster interview to NBC News—or, as he referred to them, “MSDNC”—Hannity wanted Cheney to know that was the same network that criticized her father Dick Cheney when he was vice-president under George W. Bush.

“My message to you, Liz, is have fun,” Hannity snarked. “I’m sure you have to love all the praise and attention you’re receiving, but remember, you’re receiving it from the very same people, the Democrats in the media, that called your father a war criminal.”

“The very people that helped put Scooter Libby—I think he’s a friend of yours—in jail,” he continued. “And the same people that accused your dad of numerous crimes and felonies related to his work at Halliburton. Perhaps you’ve forgotten. I have not.”

Telling her to “enjoy the sanctimonious ranks of the Never-Trumpers,” Hannity went on to push back against the criticism that Republicans are engaging in the same “cancel culture” that they constantly claim they are against.

“And by the way, for the record, you were not canceled,” he huffed. “You were removed from leadership because you put your selfish agenda ahead of the party’s agenda and the caucus fired you from your leadership position for your failure to lead the agenda!”

Hannity wrapped up his tirade against Cheney by predicting that she’ll “likely be canceled” by the voters of Wyoming.

“But that’s not until Election Day,” he concluded. “Plenty of time to soak in all the love from Democrats and your new friends in the media that were so kind and so loving to you and your family and your dad and your mom, just wonderful people. Good luck with your new friends.”