Harris VP Pick Creates Dilemma for Trump Campaign, Which Lobs Conflicting Attacks 1

Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate creates a conundrum for which President Donald Trump’s campaign didn’t have an immediate answer: How to run against her.

In a statement moments after the announcement, Trump senior adviser Katrina Pierson blasted Harris both as someone who will “try to bury her record as a prosecutor” in California — which has been described by some critics as too harsh — and someone who will appease “anti-police extremists,” who was both “phony” and in thrall to “radicals.”

The early attacks painted a conflicting portrait of Harris and indicated that Trump’s campaign has not yet settled on a coherent and consistent critique of her.

“This really puts the Trump campaign in a box: whether you portray her as pro-police or anti-police,” said Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor and Trump supporter. “They are going to have to decide.”

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