He Pushed Fake Virus Tests. Now He’s Raising Cash for a Pro-Trump Group. 1

In the weeks before a penny-stock company was sanctioned by federal regulators over its alleged involvement in a sham coronavirus marketing scheme, its chief executive filed paperwork creating a new pro-Trump political action committee.

Barry Migliorini, who in his other capacity is a California women’s basketball coach, officially formed Help Keep America Great PAC on March 2, misspelling its name as “Help Keeep America Great” in its statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission. What exactly it’s done since then remains a mystery. The group missed its first filing deadline this month and has yet to disclose any of its finances to the FEC as required by law.

A month after Migliorini formed the PAC, the Securities and Exchange Commission suspended trading of his company, Wellness Matrix Group, over concerns that it was marketing fake test kits for the novel coronavirus. The company that manufactures the kits ostensibly offered by Migliorini’s company says it has no business relationship with WMG. It’s now suing his firm and Migliorini individually.