Here are the Terrible Things Trump Did That You Might Have Missed in the Midst of Impeachment 1

In his State of the Union address, an unchastened Donald Trump, awaiting acquittal tomorrow from the Republicans who call what he did “shameful and wrong,” took credit for things he didn’t do and deflected blame for those that he did. After declining to shake Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand before beginning his speech, he touted an historical “economic miracle”(a mild uptick in growth which is slowing), that the military has been completely rebuilt (it hasn’t), and that he’s protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions (he’s trying to kill it). 

Separating fact from fiction in any Trump speech while enduring his reality-television bits (Rush Limbaugh being awarded, on the spot, the Medal of Freedom and a soldier returning from Afghanistan surprising his wife and kids in the gallery) is enough to sap the soul of those living through the worst presidency in modern times. It leaves us without the energy to block his executive actions, which don’t attract as much attention as the drama of impeachment or a set speech, but do cause great and lasting harm.

While the House laid out the damning case against Trump, and Republicans in the Senate struggled to sit still in their seats to hear it, the president extended his travel ban to Nigeria, Africa’s largest nation, along with two other African nations and two Asian ones.