Here’s How the GOP Can Get Rid of That Trump Stench 1

Donald Trump is headed toward a massive defeat—at least, if any of the polls (or our eyes) are to be believed. What is more, there’s a decent chance a massive blue wave could do the unthinkable, sweeping even “safe” Republicans like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham out to sea.

If that happens, there will be a window of time, however fleeting, for sane Republicans to try and take back the GOP. Doing so will require following the motto of Cobra-Kai: Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.

What I am about to propose is admittedly heavy-handed. It will be called “undemocratic.” But whoever said a political party is supposed to be a democracy? It might even be called a “coup” by people who call everything that. What I am suggesting is a return of the establishment… of smoke-filled rooms with party bosses. What I am saying is that the empire must strike back.