Here’s Who Drives the Anti-LGBTQ Agenda in Poland Elections 1

Update: Monday, 7:30 a.m. CET, July 13, 2020: The BBC reports three exit polls show Poland’s incumbent President Andrzej Duda holds a slim lead after Sunday’s presidential elections, with 51 percent of the vote against socially liberal Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski.

The final round of Poland’s presidential election held Sunday was dominated by incumbent President Andrzej Duda’s efforts to mobilize voters against the country’s LGBTQ people. It was a very ugly campaign, with the groundwork carefully laid.

“Ordo Iuris takes the homophobic sentiments from the streets and translates them into law.”

Hubert Sobecki, who has been an activist for LGBTQ rights in Poland for more than a decade, says, “I have never seen anything like the harassment of the past one and a half years.”