I Loathe Bloomberg. But He’s Doing One Thing Right. 1

There’s a popular Internet meme that routinely surfaces on Twitter and it’s based on a headline from the satirical site Clickhole: “Heartbreaking,” it says. “The Worst Person You Know Just Made A Great Point.” We all know what that feeling is like: resentment that someone horrible said something smart, and begrudging admission that should probably be acknowledged.

It is with that begrudging resentment (I’m sure there’s a German word for it) that it pains me deeply to say that Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is doing things that Democrats should be doing generally in terms of communicating with voters, and that his willingness to spend large amounts of money on media buys and new technologies is unprecedented, and needed. 

I find the idea of Bloomberg as the Democratic nominee repulsive. But if I put my loathing of Bloomberg aside for a moment, there are things that Bloomberg is doing that I believe are and will be incredibly effective. The worst person has some great points—and they should be internalized by Democrats who want to be effective in 2020.