I Want to Wear These Sweatpants Every Single Day

I Want to Wear These Sweatpants Every Single Day 1

To me, sweatpants are like a chocolate bar: You can’t eat the whole thing at once. I guess you could, who am I to stop you, but it might make you feel sick, sluggish, and drowsy. Similarly these days, you can’t just wear sweatpants all the time. I find whenever I wear sweatpants, I’m lazier—which is good, if worn in the correct situations. Sweatpants should be special, and I’m proud to report, I’ve found some of my favorites. No, I don’t wear these sweats during the workday, but you can bet your behind I’m spending my Friday nights in them, hunched over a deck of cards, with a beer by my side. The night in, after all, is the new night out.

French Terry Sweatpants

Here’s how I judge whether sweatpants are good: if when I put them on, they are soft, and immediately make me feel relaxed (and not like a total slob in the process) I’d call it a win. I found The French Terry Sweatpants on Huckberry and they’ve quickly some of the best I’ve tried. The fabric is soft yet lightweight and breathable so there’s no sweat going on with these sweatpants. There is a subtle texture, which makes them feel a little more grown up and stylized. The waistband has a drawstring, so you can tie them up and just head on over to your favorite spot on the couch. But most of all, despite being supremely comfortable, they aren’t schlumpy.

If you’re not familiar with Huckberry, it is one of my favorite places to shop in general. They carry everything a guy could ever want, from a great selection of clothing, to a wood saw, which I have no purpose for, yet find myself magnetically drawn towards everytime I go on the site. They are also the only retailers of Flint & Tinder, a basics brand that just so happens to make excellent sweatpants.

These sweatpants are so good, I’m tempted to wear them everyday. I don’t, though—these are reserved for special occasions only.

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