Jeanine Pirro Says She Will Refuse the Coronavirus Vaccine 1

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro has been one of Donald Trump’s strongest media boosters since the very start of his presidency. But while the Trump administration claims it’s working at “warp speed” to produce a vaccine for COVID-19, she’s now saying that she doesn’t want to take it. 

Appearing on a recent episode of the YouTube show London Real, Pirro expressed deep skepticism about the safety of a potential vaccine and indicated she would refuse to take it even though, at 69 years old, she is among the most vulnerable age group.

Host Brian Rose told Pirro that he’s “just a little hesitant to put untested things in my body without knowing,” asking, “Is this just another thing we need to be wary of, going forward?” 

“Ditto, that means yes,” Pirro replied. “Look, the president is doing everything that he can, Operation Warp Speed. And that’s Donald Trump—make it fast, don’t tell me you can’t do this in this amount of time. But we just spent $2 billion to get 100 million vaccines. I mean, who are you going to vaccinate?” 

“I don’t want a vaccine,” she continued. “I want a therapeutic. You know, until you tell me that that vaccine is safe, and only time will tell, until you tell me what the long-term consequences of that vaccine are, I’m not interested in putting it in my body. And by the way, I’m older, and I probably should be one of the people to be vaccinated. But I won’t.” 

“I’m not going to allow them to do that to me,” Pirro added. “And then the question is, will you be forced to do it, you know?” 

Curiously, Pirro has taken the coronavirus somewhat more seriously than some of her Fox News colleagues, even posting a photo of herself wearing a mask on social media early last month that caused a revolt among her followers. 

But in the interview with Rose, Pirro attacked Joe Biden for wearing a mask in public and claimed he’s using the pandemic as a scare tactic.

“I think it’s hysterical when he and his wife come out together and they’re wearing their masks,” she said. “They’ve been housed together since the pandemic started and they’re wearing masks together when they come out.” 

“What is the point of the mask?” she asked. “The point of the mask is to basically kind of dehumanize, it’s to frighten people. You don’t know who’s behind the mask. It’s to give people cover, it’s exactly what the anarchists and the protesters need. It strikes fear, there is something going on. There are all kinds of subliminal messages to that mask. And he’s always in that black mask.” 

Finally, Pirro also addressed the suggestion that she anchored her show drunk from home early in the shutdown—an unhinged performance that was hilariously parodied by Cecily Strong on Saturday Night Live back in May. 

“Next day I wake up. ‘Judge Jeanine was drunk last night,’” she said. “What?! I was drunk. Saturday Night Live. It’s like, you try to do your hair and makeup and try to read a TelePrompter that’s going backwards on a monitor that’s black with a guy who’s not listening to you in a dark truck when it’s raining outside. Let me know how it goes for you!” 

Joking that she “should sue” the people who suggested she may have been drinking on the job, Pirro said, “I’m not a drunk. Everybody knows! My girlfriends are like, ‘Have a drink!’ I should get drunk just over that!’”