Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Trump for Getting Coronavirus After Mocking Biden’s Mask-Wearing 1

On Friday night, Jimmy Kimmel was one of the few late-night hosts on to address the total chaos that’s transpired in the last 24 hours—wherein the president, the first lady, several of their advisers, a number of Republican senators, a trio of White House journalists, and Kellyanne Conway all came down with COVID-19. President Trump is currently at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center under observation, where he’ll be hospitalized for the next several days.

“Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any 2020ier…” offered Kimmel at the top of his show, adding, “He’s high-risk because of his age and his weight. Fortunately, he does have Obamacare, so he’s covered with those pre-existing conditions.”

The comic then explained how Trump, who has consistently downplayed the severity of the coronavirus—even though it has killed over 210,000 Americans and counting—has mocked Joe Biden incessantly for wearing “a large mask” and maintaining proper social distancing.

“You can’t look past the fact that over and over again, Trump has made fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask,” argued Kimmel.

After airing a montage of Trump belittling Biden over wearing a mask and keeping his distance from folks in the middle of a global pandemic, the host mock-chuckled.

Ha, ha, and ha. Here’s the thing: masks protect us from the coronavirus. They protect us from getting it, and spreading it. That’s a fact. If everyone wore a mask, we might not have any of this anymore. We would definitely have less of this,” offered Kimmel. “But this president doesn’t think they look good, and so now he has the virus, his wife has it, and every staffer who may have come into contact with the president is at risk. Basically, right now the White House is like a summer camp with lice.”

After contact-tracing everyone the president came into contact with over the past several days, Kimmel wrapped things up on a positive note, saying, “We hope the president will be OK.”