Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks ‘Criminal Mastermind’ Matt Gaetz 1

On Thursday night, comedian Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! by addressing the vaccine selfie that Ivanka Trump—whose father, brother, and stepmother contracted COVID-19 due to their reckless behavior—posted to her Instagram.

“I’m glad she did it and posted about it, but the comments under her post are, ‘nope,’ ‘not doing it,’ ‘hard no,’ ‘pass,’ ‘you’re joking, right?’ and ‘I never will.’ What a solid fanbase this is,” cracked Kimmel, adding, “Which is it, Trumpsters? Does Donald Trump deserve credit for the miracle of vaccines, or are they useless? It can’t be both of those things!”

Later on in his monologue, Kimmel shouted out a recent Daily Beast story revealing the Venmo payments that House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and his fellow accused sex-trafficker/pal, Joel Greenberg, made to a number of women.

“Meanwhile, there are more details in the sordid saga of future former Florida congressman Matt Gaetz,” explained Kimmel. “Yesterday we learned that Gaetz was involved in more wild house parties than Kid ’n Play in the ’90s. There were drugs and sex at these parties where women were given gifts of money in exchange for their participation, much of it paid through Venmo.”

He continued: “So The Daily Beast got their hands on Venmo transactions from this guy Joel Greenberg, one of Gaetz’s closest friends. Greenberg is now cooperating with authorities, which is bad for Matt Gaetz, presumably as a result of more than 150 payments made to dozens of young women. At least 16 of those payments were made to a woman who later dated Matt Gaetz, and the notes—you know how you put the notes on Venmo?—they’re ridiculous. Three payments—for $500, $200, and $250—labeled ‘ice cream.’ Five other payments labeled ‘salad.’ One of those ‘salads’ cost more than $1,000. I guess they added avocado. Two of those transactions were for ‘stuff’ and ‘other stuff.’”

“Of course, we know about all this because stupid Joel Greenberg made his Venmo transactions public—as did Matt Gaetz,” Kimmel said. “They didn’t check the privacy box. What’s the opposite of a criminal mastermind?”