Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell’s ‘Delusion-Palooza’ 1

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is currently engaged in a 48-hour livestream marathon to promote his new “social media” “platform,” and when he wasn’t lashing out at various writers for The Daily Beast he was expressing his disappointment with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

“Thank you for joining us on what was, I have to admit, one of the least productive days that we’ve had here at our office in quite some time,” Kimmel said at the top of his monologue Monday night, admitting that he is fully “obsessed” with the Trump-loving pillow salesman. “You know, a lot of people said the CEO of a pillow company couldn’t successfully launch a major social media site—and those people were 100 percent correct.”

“I highly recommend it,” Kimmel said of Lindell’s “yell-a-thon,” adding, “It is quite a spectacle. If you’re high, I recommend it. It’s like the Jerry Lewis telethon if Jerry was on a public access channel and crack.”

From there, the host played a montage of Lindell repeatedly complaining that he was trying to “make a joke” out of his big launch event, before claiming that he’s “praying” for him. “Thanks for all the shout-outs,” Kimmel replied. “Do you think he’s really praying for me? Like, honestly, do you think when he said his prayers before bed he actually named me?”

“What Mike Lindell doesn’t seem to understand is, I’m his biggest fan,” Kimmel added. “I have no idea what he’s doing, but I love it.” He even invited Lindell to come on his show, in person, for an interview in bed surrounded by pillows. “Just me and Mike snuggled up side-by-side in a California King surrounded by sacks of goose feathers.”

“How is he going to do this for thirty more hours?” Kimmel asked later. “I hope he has a doctor on standby. I looked up some of the long-term effects of using crack cocaine. Crack cocaine abuse may cause the following mental or emotional problems: Aggression, extreme depression, delirium, hallucinations, irritability, mood disturbances, panic attacks, paranoia, psychosis… and launching your own social media site.”

Finally, the host shared the major highlight of the day: when Lindell thought he was fielding a live call from Donald Trump before quickly realizing it was a prank. “Hopefully the real Trump will call in,” Kimmel said. “Hopefully a dozen fake Trumps and then the real Trump will call in. And by the way, if you get through to Mike Lindell and he thinks he has Donald Trump on the line, go with it! Don’t just scream your website out, milk it! You set the hook, reel him in!”

Kimmel concluded by wishing Lindell “the best of luck with Delusion-Palooza.”

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