Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump: Judge Rejected Him ‘Just Like Melania’

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump: Judge Rejected Him ‘Just Like Melania’ 1

“Our dear misleader suffered a setback yesterday,” Jimmy Kimmel said during his late-night monologue on Tuesday.

He was referring to a ruling from a federal judge that Donald Trump’s White House records must be turned over to the congressional committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. “Late last night, Trump asked a federal judge to prevent the records from being released,” Kimmel explained. “The judge denied that late-night request. And Trump was like, ‘You’re just like Melania!’”

“But this could be bad for Trump,” the host continued. “If these documents are made public, we may finally know whether Trump and his associates were as involved in the events of January 6th as we already know they were.”

Noting that the committee just issued an additional 10 subpoenas for “Donald Corleone’s associates,” Kimmel joked, “Boy, if they do ever end up arresting Trump, they should let Hillary cuff him. Just for fun?”

Later, Kimmel went after Trump’s media boosters for trying to “spin the insurrection,” “treating these criminals, who literally tried to overthrow our government, who, if they weren’t white people with tattoos of Pepe the Frog on their necks—Newsmax, OAN, Fox, they’d be calling for the death penalty!”

He singled out Newsmax host Greg Kelly in particular for his live interview from prison with “one of these heroic martyrs.” In the clip, incarcerated insurrectionist Ryan Nichols complains that he and other inmates are subjected to “solitary confinement” for up to 30 hours per day.

“Wow, this daylight savings time has everyone screwed up!” Kimmel joked.

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