Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Andrew Giuliani Over NY Governor Bid 1

Andrew Giuliani, who on Tuesday declared his candidacy for governor of New York as a Republican, has since been mocked by dozens of commentators—and now, we can count late-night host Jimmy Kimmel among them.

In his announcement on Good Day New York, Giuliani said he is “sick and tired of seeing New Yorkers leaving to Florida, to Texas, [and] to Tennessee,” and that he wants New York to be the world’s cultural and economic center.

“[Giuliani] wants to stop New Yorkers from moving to Florida—like Donald Trump,” Kimmel joked.

Giuliani, who held a public liaison job in the Trump administration, is a former professional golfer who regularly hit the links with the president.

This is good, Kimmel joked, “because that way when he gets the lowest number of votes, he will think he won.”

Giuliani has never held elected office, but that didn’t stop him from claiming to be “a politician out of the womb,” as he told the New York Post. “It’s in my DNA.”

“Right, of course that also means this is in your DNA,” Kimmel said as a picture showed on screen of Rudy Giuliani’s infamous press conference last November during which black hair dye dripped down his face as he falsely claimed the presidential election was fraudulent.

Kimmel added that anyone interested in working on the younger Giuliani’s campaign should “call his dad’s butt sometime very soon”a reference to Rudy’s frequent fumbling with phones, including twice butt-dialing an NBC reporter, sending an inadvertent voice memo text to a different reporter, and leaving behind one of his three cell phones with yet another reporter after an interview.