Jimmy Kimmel Turns Marjorie Taylor Greene Into Hitler 1

Jimmy Kimmel was joking Tuesday night about a sharp increase in New York City subway cars “caked with feces” this summer when he made a hard pivot to politics. “Speaking of human excrement, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene did something unusual for her: She apologized.”

The late-night host went on to remind viewers that Rep. Greene once compared Congress members having to wear masks to Jews being forced to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust. “Well yesterday, Klan Mom paid a visit to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. and I guess the field trip did some good because she apologized.”

But when he played a clip of her “apology,” which included a reference to those who believe it never happened, Kimmel gave Greene a Hitler mustache. “But she’s here to set the record straight,” the host joked. “It did happen and it was bad!”

“It’s amazing what a little education can do,” Kimmel continued. “She now knows as much about the Holocaust as every sixth grader in Washington, D.C. Quick! Build a climate change museum too!” (Greene later distanced herself from her own apology.)

“But the important thing here is that Marjorie Taylor Greene said she’s sorry,” he added. “And she is sorry. She might be the sorriest excuse for a congresswoman we ever had.”

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah called Greene “your crazy aunt’s even crazier friend” who is “willing to say absolutely anything with zero shame.” That made it all the more surprising to him that she now thinks she may have gone “too far” with her Holocaust comments.

Laughing at her attempt to walk back the misguided analogy, Noah asked, “For real though, are we going to get a press conference every time Marjorie Taylor Greene learns about something? Because she doesn’t know about a lot of things.”

“But I will say, in some ways, I feel bad for this lady, man,” he added. “Learning things is tough. Because it forces you to take back all the ignorant shit you said in the past. That’s why the only museum I go to is Madame Tussauds: Come stupid, leave stupid.”

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