Jimmy Kimmel Unloads on ‘Dumb’ Anti-Vaxxers Ron DeSantis and Marjorie Taylor Greene 1

Jimmy Kimmel really summed up the current state of the Republican Party on Tuesday when he set up his next monologue topic as “kind of unbelievable but also par for the course.”

“We now have controversies where we never had them before,” the late-night host said, referring to current right-wing freakout over the so-called “vaccine passports” that the Biden administration is currently developing in conjunction with various private entities. “If you have a vaccine passport,” Kimmel explained, you will be able to do things like travel or go to concerts and sporting events. “But unfortunately many Republicans aren’t on board with that.”

And he began with Ron DeSantis, “the terrible governor of Florida,” who declared his opposition to the idea of requiring vaccinations to enter crowded spaces. “Which is very rich coming from the party that wants nine forms of identification before you can vote,” Kimmel shot back.

“But Ron DeSantis isn’t the only dope who opposes the passport,” he continued. “None other than Klan Mom herself, Marjorie Taylor Greene, believes there are Biblical implications!”

From there, Kimmel played the truly unhinged clip of Rep. Greene calling the vaccine passports “Biden’s mark of the beast.”

“Poor Joe Biden,” Kimmel joked. “How do you reach across the aisle when the other side thinks you have hooves? What a dumb person. Everyone knows, the Mark of the beast is Zuckerberg.” As for Greene’s confident assertion that the plan amounts to “fascism or communism,” the host informed her that “fascism and communism are literally opposite things.”

“It’s why Germany and the Soviet Union fought in World War II,” he added. “But they both have ‘ism’ in `em so you know they’re bad things. Fascism, communism… astigmatism, all bad things!”

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