Kathy Griffin: Pence Is ‘Nothing But the Crap Under Trump’s Shoe’ 1

There were two stars of the first and only vice presidential debate: the fly on Mike Pence’s head and Mike Pence’s blood-shot eye.

Kathy Griffin joined Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson for a special episode of The New Abnormal to talk about it. The gang thought Kamala Harris was the clear winner, but they really couldn’t stop looking at the vice president’s eye.

“The closeup shots of Mike Pence’s bleeding eyeball were like watching an eighties horror movie. I expected some sort of snake to come running out of it at any minute,” said Rick.

And that was before the fly stuck to his head. “It’s almost like it gets inflamed during the debate. And the fly was doing some triage,” said Griffin.

Pence came into the debate needing to try and help Trump win back the women voters who have deserted him since 2016, but that was a total fail.

“Maybe I’m biased because I hate Mike Pence with passion and burning fire of a thousand suns,” said Molly. “But I just saw a guy who doesn’t give a shit about women and who doesn’t respect women and who talked over [the moderator] Susan Page and talked over Kamala.”

Rick agreed: “He comes across as a guy who’s saying, ‘Well, hey, little lady, what can I do to get you into this beautiful ‘89 Camaro today?’ Just there’s a little creepiness about him.”

“I will say, as a female watching, I did feel like Pence was doing a very classic gaslighting the woman,” said Griffin.

Pence also failed to commit to President Donald Trump accepting the result of the election and agreeing to a peaceful transfer of power.

“Mike Pence will be in a Nuremberg trial someday,” said Rick.

Griffin said it was tragic as Pence had once been seen as a mainstream Republican. “It’s shocking to watch him get indoctrinated like a freaking member of right-wing ISIS, go on his degenerate journey to becoming nothing but the crap under Trump’s shoe,” she said. “And it’s disheartening watching him tonight… just parroting conspiracy theories that seem to get crazier. As the night went on, I just looked at him and I went, fuck that fly—that guy.”

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